Community Outreach Initiative

November 07,2014

We are committed to the overall goals of the City and to support the local economy. Our team brings the resources and approach to provide facilities that meet the technical requirements of the City; however, we realize these projects are more than technical execution. We will work alongside the City to ensure this project is a success for the entire community, including local businesses. Our team already includes partnerships with the following local businesses: AW Architects, Inc.; Tierra South Florida Inc.; Engenuity Group, Inc.; Cooper Construction Management & Consulting, Inc.; and DCR Engineering Services, Inc.

Public Art Component: Water You and I

The concept of the public art installation is based on interpretation of water. The work will create a meaningful connection between people and place, the East Water Treatment Plant. To understand the function and processes of the East Water Treatment Plant, a special place will be developed where visitors are welcomed into “the story”, an experience that is the movement and treatment of water.

The team of David Dahlquist and Matt Niebuhr’s concept, selected by the Art in Public Places procurement process, invites visitors to experience the drawing of water from the well, making a dynamic visual connection with the source of water in Boynton Beach - the Floridan Aquifer.