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boynton beach ion exchange

Project Status Updates: Started flow testing with ... more
Project Status Update Continuing with the startup ... more
  • Medical_Clinic_Cabinetry.JPG
    Medical Clinic Cabinetry
  • New_Parking_Lot_Islands.JPG
    New Parking Lot Islands
  • New_Re-Pump_Station_Electric_Building.JPG
    New Re-Pump Station Electric Building
  • Entrance_Limerock_Placement.JPG
    Entrance Limerock Placement
  • Site_Sidewalks.JPG
    Site Sidewalks
  • Electric_Room_Concrete_Floor_Finish.JPG
    Electric Room Concrete Floor Finish
  • New_Air_Compressors.JPG
    New Air Compressors
  • New_Control_Screen_Development.JPG
    New Control Screen Development
  • MIEX_System_Regeneration_Skids.JPG
    MIEX System Regeneration Skids
  • New_Electric_Room_Stairs_and_Opening.JPG
    New Electric Room Stairs and Opening
  • New_Roof_Replacement_at_Filter_Control_Building.JPG
    New Roof Replacement at Filter Control Building
  • CCI_Installation_of_three_100_HP_Pumps_at_the_Re-Pump_Station.JPG
    CCI Installation of three 100 HP Pumps at the Re-Pump Station
  • New_Operator_Locker_Rooms.JPG
    New Operator Locker Rooms
  • Pipe_Rack.jpg_web2_.jpg
    Pipe Rack
  • Ground_Storage_Tank_with_Accessories.jpg_web2_.jpg
    Ground Storage Tank with Accessories
  • Re-Pump_Station_Foundation_Slabweb_2.jpg
    Re-Pump Station Foundation Slabweb
  • MIEX_Contactor_Equipment.png
    MIEX Contactor Equipment
  • Re-Pump_Station_Foundation_Slab.jpg
    Re-Pump Station Foundation Slab
  • 3_M_G__Storage_Tank_Shoring_web_XEQDBGOP.png
    3 M.G. Storage Tank Shoring

Boynton Beach Ion Exchange

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